Reverend Marshall J. Macks - Interfaith Wedding Officiant
About Me
 I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and was raised and bar mitzvahed orthodox Jewish.  My lovely wife, Nancy, was raised Catholic. Despite our different religious upbringings, our love grew strong and we prepared a future as Mr. and Mrs.
Because of our religious backgrounds, it was very difficult to find anyone who would marry us. However, as luck would have it, on October 24, 1971, Nancy and I were married in an interfaith ceremony officiated by both a monsignor and a rabbi, which was no easy task to effect! After the fact, my wife was declared Jewish by an orthodox rabbi because Nancy's mother and maternal grandmother were both Jewish.  Go figure!    
I currently belong to a reform Jewish congregation. In 2004 I became an ordained minister and earned my Doctorate of Divinity.
For those of faith, and I respect all faiths,
here are my beliefs as they pertain to marriage: 
God is not Jewish, or Catholic, or Protestant, or any other religion.  For he is the God of all living creatures.  That is perhaps why there is no historical account of God ever being christened, baptized, bar or bat mitzvahed.
And I do not believe that God ever intended that any religion
should keep apart two people, or prevent them from living a joyous life together as husband and wife, when they respect each others beliefs, and care for,
love, and honor one another.
As God created you and me, so did each of us, as individuals, create God in our own minds and hearts to help us to live good virtuous lives.  God is personal.
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